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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio is moving to a virtual environment.  All lessons and classes are now available Virtually.  For info, inquire here or visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Pages

Summer Programs now available for registration. Virtual sessions will be offered should in person classes not be possible.  Visit us here

Tutoring For Kids in lincoln square


Academic Coaching 

Professional tutoring for kids in Chicago services in reading, math, language arts, French, Spanish, standardized test and entrance exam preparation. Our tutors are degreed professionals with experience teaching in their subject areas. Coaching is designed to build confidence, independence, strong study habits and academic success. Participants need not be enrolled in our music lessons. Sessions can be held at Musical Chairs studio locations or in the student's home. We can also work to coordinate coaching sessions before or after music classes for Musical Chairs students. Rates are dependent on location. Our music classes include piano lessons for kids, beginning guitar lessons as well as most other instrument lessons. 

Tutoring for Kids in Chicago - Coaching Rates

$30 per 30 minute session at Musical Chairs Studio
$45 per 30 minute session in student home