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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio is moving to a virtual environment.  All lessons and classes are now available Virtually.  For info, inquire here or visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Pages

Summer Programs now available for registration. Virtual sessions will be offered should in person classes not be possible.  Visit us here

Designed for older students who have a strong interest in Musical Theater and/or previous theater experience. Weekly rehearsals will delve deeper into skill building and touch on all aspects of a theater production including costume and set design, movement and choreography.  The objective with this group is to continue as a theater team into the fall and help prepare children for high school opportunities. 

Themes vary per session and each will culminate in a play or music theater production with full music, costumes and set design. 

Rehearsal location:  Musical Chairs Studio 2124 W Lawrence 

Theater Club

Dramatic Debut

children's drama & musical theater classes

A special drama program for our younger actors suited to their energy and imagination! In a games-based format, children will express themselves dramatically, using lots of props and costumes, and will exercise their acting skills. Activities are inspired from familiar contexts like poems, fairy tales, picture books, pop songs and show tunes and from the children's own inventive pretend play. They include miming, charades, team-building acting, improvised endings, and much more. 

Each session will culminate in a "talent show" demonstration of skits on the last day, to which all are cordially invited. 

Summer now available for Online Registration.  Click below for Info and to Enroll