Dramatic Debut (pre-drama):           Ages preK - 1st Grade                                 

A special drama program for our younger actors suited to their energy and imagination! In a games-based format, children will express themselves dramatically, using lots of props and costumes, and will exercise their acting skills. Activities are inspired from familiar contexts like poems, fairy tales, picture books, pop songs and show tunes and from the children's own inventive pretend play. They include miming, charades, team-building acting, improvised endings, and much more. 

The session will culminate in a "talent show" demonstration of skits on the last day, to which all are cordially invited.

The program for younger actors prepares them to participate successfully in the annual school musical production starting grade 2, or just to have fun expressing their dramatic flair. 


Theater Intensive: Ages 6th - 8th grades

This program is ideal for drama and musical theater enthusiasts. Theater Intensive is meant to expand upon the skills gained in theater club and prepare them for high school or other outside theater productions. Students will develop skills in vocal performance, line delivery, expression, projection and choreography.  The session will culminate in a series of short performances where children are cast in varying roles

Drama - Musical Theater


Theater Club: Ages 2nd - 5th grades

Fall session will focus on the preparation of a holiday performance. Children will be assigned roles designed to build acting and performance skills. Children will practice the key principles of good acting  in a fun, hands-on environment.  Fall Drama Club is ideal for children who wish to build their theater skills in preparation for the larger Spring Musical Production.

Musical Chairs is excited about the prospect of introducing a Drama and Musical Theater Program to St. Matthias School.  The following programs are available based on age group.  Two sessions are typically run per year:  Fall Session in preparation for a holiday performance.  Spring Session in preparation for a full Musical Peformance.   Offering these programs will be based on interest. A minimum of 4 children are required per class.   If you are interested in participating in one of the following programs, please email us at 


children's drama and musical theater classes

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