Kent Jager has been the favorite piano teacher of all four of my children. He is a talented and skilled musician and a very patient man.  He makes playing the piano seem like the most natural thing a person could do.

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Kent Jager is a remarkable piano teacher, and human being. He exhibits the very qualities that lend themselves well to piano instruction. He is one of the most patient people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Kent is incredibly knowledgeable, talented and passionate about music. He has experience not only as a piano instructor, but as a teacher of music at Queen of Angels School.  There, he proved his skills in flexibility and varying methods to accommodate different learning styles. I honestly don't know of a child/student or parent that has not been served better or been made better by interacting with Kent.

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My family loves Musical Chairs. My kids (now teens) took voice lessons with Stuart, who really helped their voices develop. It is amazing how much their singing ability grew in just one year!

I also appreciated the fact that at Musical Chairs you can change teachers as your child's needs change without feeling awkward or bad. My daughter Lizzy loved taking piano from Akiko and learned a ton from her. Lizzy then decided that she preferred to learn Jazz piano so she switched to Rick and she loved him too! With him she got to learn a completely different musical style as well as composing and recording music! Lisa Borelli, the director of the school is warm, welcoming, flexible and professional. If you are looking for music lessons in a friendly environment that will adapt to your child's needs, Musical Chairs is the place to go!

My 10 year old daughter started playing piano 2.5 yrs ago with Stuart Thompson. Musical Chairs owner/director/teacher Lisa Borelli recommended him as a good fit for her. Lisa couldn't have been more exact. Every week my daughter can't wait to work with Stuart. He's so positive, fun and supportive AND she can actually play...really play!

Since starting piano her interest in other instruments and music has grown. She has picked up the flute and the ukelele. Musical Chairs is able to provide lessons for these instruments, too.

Rather than some big, over crowded music school, Musical Chairs is very personal and supportive with many ways for kids to explore music and perform.  And the per lesson fee is very reasonable. Making up missed classes is also flexible per the teacher's schedule.

I look forward to my daughter growing with Musical Chairs.

Both my 5th & 8th grader took guitar lessons at musical chairs. They loved it and learned so much. Our schedule was nutty, but they made it work. Totally reasonable prices!

Kent Jager brings to piano teaching both an impressive knowledge of music and a patiently skillful teaching method.  He knows not only how to teach students the basic skills, but how to inspire them to want to stretch themselves.  Kent challenges and encourages his students with every lesson!

We love Musical Chairs Studio. All of our instructors have been top notch, and they do an excellent job of matching the teacher and student's personality. We have been coming for the past 5 years, and I highly recommend Musical Chairs Studio. As a busy working mom, I appreciate the teacher's flexibility with our crazy schedules and the blips that sometimes happen.

Stuart is a wonderful piano teacher! He knows how to apply the right amount of pressure to promote learning, but remains patient and understanding. I started taking lessons from him a bit more than a year ago and am very impressed with how I have progressed during that time.

When our son Gabriel began piano lessons with Lisa about 3 years ago, my wife and I were very concerned about him holding onto his childhood sense of play and enthusiasm. We both love music, yet our own childhood music practices were an unpleasant daily burden.

Joe quit music lessons when he was 8 (it wasn't because he had mastered the art), and in the first year of managing our son's piano homework, his attempts to skillfully facilitate Gabe's music homework were futile, at best, and frustrating at worst. In seeking advice from Lisa regarding this situation, she provided excellent advice: relax, lay off the facilitating, and see where her technique and our son's interest took things.

Thankfully, it took very little prompting for Gabe to do his daily piano practice. More importantly, the clue that Lisa's advice and methodology were working to nurture his enthusiasm was when we noticed that when Gabe had time to knock around, he often would play with the piano. Not "play" the piano, play with the piano. That was incredibly delightful for us: not only is our son choosing to spend free time with the piano, he is also having fun making music. And when Gabe is around friends who are taking lessons from Lisa, their play often centers around the piano.

We are not sure how she does it, but Lisa senses what makes a student tick: where to push, when to hold back. She intuitively knows how to give Gabe tasks and goals in ways that keep him wanting not only to stick with the program, but to have fun with it too.  What more can we say, except that if ever time allows, we would love to have Lisa teach us to play. 

We have been with musical chairs now for 3 years .. Our 3 girls have been involved in the drama group with Ms. Lynn & Ms. Tayrn & they loved it . Last season's Aladdin was a great success , very professionally produced ! My 8 year old also started guitar this year with Colin & we are so surprised with her progress ...he works great with kids, encourages her to choose her own songs, rewards effort in a fun way & keeps it interesting. She joined a jam session for the summer with her sister & some more kids & that has done so much to improve both her skills.

Since Luke has started lessons with Lisa, his excitement for music can't be contained. He actually asked me to download some Beethoven so he could put listen to it on his i-pod!  Lisa is patient and encouraging.  We couldn't be more pleased with our son's experience with Musical Chairs.  He looks forward to his lesson each week.

Joe and Kathleen

We love Musical Chairs. My daughter took "Step the Beat" from Lynn when she was four years old, then started piano with Taryn at five years old. "Step the Beat" laid a great foundation for her (Lynn is wonderfully experienced), and Taryn has proven a patient and encouraging teacher. Veronica enjoys her music study in large part because her experience with Musical Chairs has been so positive.



Our daughter (now 10 years old) has been working with Kelly for a year on piano. We love that lessons are at school, a very convenient arrangement for all of us, though we have also had make-up lessons at Musical Chairs Studio. Kelly is encouraging and responsive to Rita's abilities, and challenging without being a drill sergeant. She's also blended her assignments between new music that fits her interests (Harry Potter themes) and music that might not seem to be as interesting ... until she learns to play it! The occasional rehearsals are a joy, and give all us an added boost, seeing what other kids have learned. We very much recommend Musical Chairs and Ms Kelly to anyone interested in piano.

Love Musical Chairs. Our daughter is in her 3rd Glee session and she loves it! The kids get to learn popular music and even do a final show at the end of each session. Stuart is talented, amazing and patient with the kids and she's gained so much confidence and she sounds great! We'll continue to take classes with Stuart and Musical Chairs!

A few months after switching over to Musical Chairs, I asked my 6 year old son why I no longer needed to ask him to practice piano. I would find him playing on his own without the usual resistance to practice. He said, “Because now it is fun.”

His response said it all. Learning became fun. And I credit that change to Lisa.  Lisa knows music and she knows children. Being a mom herself, she knows how to relate to children and understands how to teach, motivate and challenge with both humor and respect. She teaches in a warm and welcoming family environment (complete with furry dog, basement playroom and revolving door of interesting people to meet!).

Lisa has opened my son’s mind and heart to music and it shows. For a young boy, “playing” is everything. Because Lisa has exposed him to theory and practice in a spirit of play, my son has progressed to where he is “playing” the piano. And for him, that's a lot of fun."

Mark and Lisa





Paul and Lisa

Love Musical Chairs! My son and daughter have taken step the beat, piano, drama and glee and jam session over the past 5years and have learned so much! Teachers are all great and talented musicians as well as great with kids. Kelly for piano is warm, patient, not intimidating,perfect match for young students.  Stuart is so enthusiastic as a glee instructor the kids sound great in the class. The school overall fosters a love for music by exposing them to a variety of genres from classical to rock to pop, both within the school and in the local community. There are recitals which are comprised of students of all levels and there are less formal performance opportunities for the kids to help them build confidence in a casual environment. We definitely recommend!



Musical Chairs Studio is simply the best opportunity I have ever found for my child to learn piano!  Caitlyn is an exceptional teacher whose incredible teaching method produces results while motivating my child. I had tried other piano teachers for my children in the past and had to fight my children to continue.  Now, I use piano class as a positive motivator because my daughter cannot get enough of it.  Her father heard her practicing recently and just couldn't believe her progress and enthusiasm.




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