Music Trivia Weekly Zoom Off - 2nd - 5th Grades

Students will produce and perform in their own music videos in the style of TikTok or Youtube videos. Rehearsals will build skills in sight singing, vocal quality, performance-ship and introduce the technology to create the videos. The session will culminate in a final video performance. If social distancing allows, on August 26th we will host a Premier Performance and Pizza Party on Borelli Pizzeria's Roof Top Stage.

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Mini Maestros  - ​Infants and Toddlers

Chicago summer programs for kids

Chicago Summer fun through Music and Theater Enrichment

Musical Chairs Studio is excited to offer the following Social Distanced Summer programs. Private lessons and some group classes now have the option of In-Person or Virtual Video formats. See class specific details below.

Summer Session begins June 1st - August  31st with different programs staggered throughout the summer.

  • Mini Maestros, Step the Beat, Step into Piano for Infants through Preschool
  • Optional Donation and Fee based Weekly Drop In Enrichment Classes
  • Private Instrument Instruction - see our Private Lessons page for Registration and Information
  • Summer String Ensemble and Technique Classes - see our Chicago Youth Orchestra page
  • Our popular 8 - week Try an Instrument Program

Join Ms. Johnson this summer for a DIY Ukulele making workshop! We'll be constructing, decorating and YES learning to play our own Ukuleles. At the end of our camp we'll get to show off our works of art and perform for our peers the fun music that we learned along the way. This camp will include learning the parts of the Ukulele, how it's constructed, how to care for a string instrument, chords, melody lines and strumming. This class is open to incoming 3rd and 4th grade students and will be Virtual unless social distancing allows in person meeting. 

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Ukulele Camp - entering 3rd and 4th grades

Join us for a journey through the history of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Funk. Listen and discuss the classics as well as less known gems and jewels. Learn to distinguish music styles, genres, periods and expand your knowledge of music history.

Two classes will be held on Tuesday evenings.  One class for youth and another class for adults. The program will consist of two 6-week sessions.

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Theater and Drama - Ages 6 - 11

Glee Club Goes Digital - Ages 8 - 14

A program designed to bring the joy of music to our youngest future musicians. Parents  or caregivers participate with children as we sing together, gain spacial awareness of their bodies through movement, develop small motor skills and fire those critical synapses in the brain. 

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Art Camp -  1st through 3rd   and   4th through 6th grades

The Summer Flute Workshop: Students interested in beginning flute lessons can get a running start with this twice weekly instrumental intensive. Individual break out sessions will focus on the student's personal needs, and the group class will build on breath technique and musicianship. The program will culminate in a recital of solo performances as well as a full ensemble chamber piece. 

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All Private lessons are currently being offered virtually by video. In person lessons can resume when social distance restrictions are lifted and it is determined to be safe by health officials. Lessons are offered for children and adults in Piano, Voice, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Ukulele, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Percussion and are customized to blend with the learning style of each student. Weekly lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes are available.  Upon enrollment, We will contact you for scheduling and regarding instructor availability.

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The Birth of Rock and Pop - 6th Grade through Adult (separate classes)

This early childhood program will take a summer twist. Session 1 will focus on Opera for Kids like Hansel and Gretel, The Magic Flute and others. Session 2 will explore Folk Songs from around the World. Children will learn music fundamentals such as rhythm, note reading, ear training in a fun and age appropriate manner through games, movement, listening and singing. Parent / caregiver participation is suggested when classes are by video. ​

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 Flute Beginner Summer Workshop - Ages 7 - 13

Hosted by professional trivia personality and favorite Musical Chairs teacher, Pavi Proczko this program is modeled after the popular Trivia Night game.  We're offering this Zoom version to help students build their music history and theory knowledge in a virtual setting that encourages social engagement and interaction. 

We will provide students with resources each week so they can research and learn about a topic. Weekly Zoom sessions will bring students together in an interactive format to test their knowledge. Students will be organized in teams to leverage skills and expand on the fun. 

This class is optional donation based with a suggested minimum $15.00 donation per class (or $45 per 3 week session) to cover instructor time.  

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Students interested in composing their own music will begin with this weekly class that introduces compositional techniques while incorporating music theory and improvisation. Once the music is created they will perform their own work, and possibly that of the other students then learn the recording and producing process.  This class will take the tune in your head all the way to a written and recorded product. 

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This summer we are offering a menu of one-time drop in classes.  Click on the program below for more information and to register.

These classes will be both Donation optional and Fee based programs.

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Dungeons and Dragons                           Mastering the Art of Storytelling   

Step the Beat - ​Themed Summer Series - Preschool Ages

Step into Piano - Themed Summer Series- Kindergarten - 2nd Grade​

During the summer months, we also offer "Try an Instrument" with eight weekly 30 minute lessons for children and adults ages 5 and older who are interested in trying a musical instrument.  Students may choose to try one instrument for 8 weeks or a blend of several instruments. This is great program for students who are unsure of their musical interests as well as school band and orchestra students who want to keep up their skills during the summer!​  Upon enrollment, We will contact you for scheduling and regarding instructor availability.

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We are currently offering both Virtual and In-Person lessons.  Please visit registration pages for details.  

For details regarding our In-Person Studio Health and Safety Protocol, click here

 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is offering In-Person lesson resuming July 14th in a socially distanced environment.  We will continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. 

This group option for children will begin teaching basic piano skills through two themed sessions. Session 1 will focus on Opera for Kids like Hansel and Gretal, The Magic Flute and others. Session 2 will explore Folk Songs from around the World. Children will learn notes on the keyboard as well as the staff. They will practice using rhythm and begin reading music. Classes will include keyboard time and learning to play a song from each session's theme. The benefit to this program is children learn basic piano skills in a more affordable (and often more fun) group setting. They emerge better prepared for private lessons in piano as well as other instruments.

If sessions are held virtually, we recommend a keyboard at home. We can alternatively suggest a mini tabletop keyboard that parents can order online. 

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​​Private Lessons - Ages 5 and older

Songwriter's Club - Ages 2nd grade and older

Try an Instrument ​- Ages 6 and older

Join Ms. Downs this summer for Arts Camp! We'll be exploring different techniques and mediums including Acrylic Painting, Clay, Weaving, Watercolors, Embroidery and Spirography. There are two sessions of camp, 1st through 3rd grades and 4th through 6th grades. We will be Virtual unless social distancing allows in person meeting.  If in person is possible camp will take place at 2124 W. Lawrence Ave. 

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