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​Step into Piano works with children in Kindergarten and 1st grade to learn the notes on the keyboard, how to read music and rhythm in a fun, interactive and age appropriate manner.

  • Summer Session 1:  June 19 - August 25 - no classes 4th of July week
  • Mondays 4:00 - 4:30
  • 2136 W Wilson  
  • $200.00 per child for Summer Session

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Private Lessons and Try an Instrument

Summer Musical Theater

Private lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums/Percussion. Scheduling is on an individual basis according to instructor/student availability. We offer the following options for private lessons:

Weekly 30 minute lessons:                $360 per session(12 weeks)
Bi-Monthly 45 minute lessons:        $270 per session(12 weeks, 6 lessons)

Alternating weekly 30 minute lessons with 30 minute supervised practice on off weeks. Student have formal lessons every two weeks. For the off weeks, they come to our studio for directed (not taught) practice sessions.  $240 per session (12 weeks).

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Glee Club

Step into Piano

Private and Group lessons are offered for children and adults in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Cello and Percussion and are customized to blend with the learning style of each student.

Weekly lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on student level and are available to children entering Kindergarten - 1st grade or older. Success with weekly private lessons is highly dependent on regular, consistent home practice. Group / Semi-private lessons are available when 2-3 students of similar age and ability are able to combine for lessons. This is based on availability of students.

During the Summer, we offer a special "Try an Instrument" 8 week program. Students can register for only eight weeks and try a new instrument - or work on skills with a current instrument. This is great for students who are unsure of their music interests and band students who want to keep up their skills during the summer!

Regular Private Lessons Tuition:      
$30 - $35 per 30 minute lesson
$45 - $50 per 45 minute lesson
$60 - $70 per hour lesson

Pricing Varies by Instructor

Try an Instrument 8 week Summer session:  $260.00

For additional information and to Enroll. We will contact you for scheduling and regarding instructor availability.

Step the Beat is our early childhood program for preschool ages. Children learn music fundamentals such as rhythm, note reading, ear training to prepare them to learn an instrument and enjoy a lifelong love of music.

  • Summer Session 1:  June 19 - August 25 - no classes 4th of July week
  • Mondays 4:30 - 5:00
  • 2136 W Wilson
  • $200.00 per child for Summer Session

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For Adults Summer Session runs June through August

Musical Chairs' Rock Band program for older children ages 7-18. Participants should know how to read music. Rehearse and perform with a real rock band comprised of other music students in the community! Each band member will be enriched with an experience that is both fun and musically relevant by having the chance to perform songs that are popular now, that students already love to listen to.

Jam Session students will learn essential skills that are unique to playing in a band such as the ability to play and collaborate with other musicians as well as the ability to "take a solo" and improvise, how to create music by reading from a "lead sheet" and ways to improve stage presence and decrease performances anxiety in a more social musical environment.

  • Weekly 60 minute rehearsals
  • $200 per summer session
  • June 26 - August 24th
  • Final Rock Show Performance on August 25th
  • Rehearsals held at 2124 W Lawrence

Students will be grouped by ability and availability - or - you can put together and register your own entire band.  Rehearsal times are based on student / instructor individual scheduling.

We will contact you for scheduling. 
Minimum of 4 students required per band.

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Drama Debut: 
Preschool and Kindergarten   Wednesdays 3:00 - 3:45   $200 for 9 weeks.                                          A special drama program for our younger actors suited to their energy and imagination! In a games-based format, children will express themselves dramatically, using lots of props and costumes, and will exercise their acting skills. Activities are inspired from familiar contexts like poems, fairy tales, picture books, pop songs and show tunes and from the children's own inventive pretend play. They include miming, charades, team-building acting, improvised endings, and much more.

Junior Theater Club: 
Entering 1st - 3rd Grades      Wednesdays: 4:00 - 5:00      $225 for 9 weeks
Students will discover the essence of great acting through building fundamental skill sets. We will work to enhance concentration and sensory awareness, practice stage presence and line delivery, develop movement and vocal skills and learn to improvise!

Musical Theater Club: 
Entering 4th - 7th Grades       Wednesdays: 5:15 - 6:15      $275 for 9 weeks
Designed for students who have a strong interest in Musical Theater and/or previous theater experience. Weekly 1 hour rehearsals will delve deeper into skill building and touch on all aspects of a theater production including costume and set design, movement and choreography.  The objective with this group is to continue as a theater team into the fall and help prepare children for high school opportunities. 

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Step the Beat

 Check back in the Spring of 2018 for our list of summer offerings.

The following special programs are available this summer as well as all of those listed on the Current Classes Tab.
Please Check ​the Current Classes Tab for Private Lessons and other individualized programs.

Jam Session Summer Rock Band Program

Summer Program

summer music camps in chicago

Children ages 7-14 will participate in weekly rehearsals led by professional voice instructors in the style of a Glee Club!  Rehearsals will build skills in sight singing, vocal quality, performanceship. 

Students will work on high energy, fun pieces and will arrange and choreograph a vocal performance. The session will culminate in a final Glee Show Performance.

Session runs June 19 - August 25 (no class 4th of July week)
45 minute weekly rehearsals

Tuition:  $200.00 per session
Rehearsal time:  Tuesdays: 4:00 - 4:45
Rehearsal Location: 2136 W Wilson

Minimum of 6 children required to hold the class. For additional information and to Enroll