Rock Band Ages 8-16

children's school of rock band programs

Cost is dependent on length and frequency of rehearsals. Generally, for bands with minimum of participants, the cost is $15 per rehearsal.
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Summer 2017 Jam Session 

For students who wish to play as part of a group. Students need not be enrolled in private lessons with Musical Chairs, but should have a working knowledge of their instrument. Bands will be grouped based upon ability and scheduling. Groups can meet on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis depending on interest. Students can register as individuals or as a group.

Students will learn essential skills that are unique to playing in a group such as the ability to play and collaborate with other musicians. Rock ensembles will also cultivate the ability to "take a solo" and improvise, how to create music by reading from a "lead sheet." Groups will also work on techniques to improve stage presence and decrease performances anxiety in a more social musical environment. When groups have enough music prepared, we will work with them to schedule performance opportunities.