Join Ms. Downs this summer for Arts Camp! We'll be exploring different techniques and mediums including Acrylic Painting, Clay, Weaving, Watercolors, Embroidery and Spirography. There are two sessions of camp, 1st through 3rd grades and 4th through 6th grades. We will be Virtual unless social distancing allows in person meeting.  If in person is possible camp will take place at 2124 W. Lawrence Ave. 

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We are currently offering both Virtual and In-Person lessons.  Please visit registration pages for details.  

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 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is offering In-Person lesson resuming July 14th in a socially distanced environment.  We will continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. 

Offered in Piano * Voice * Guitar * Violin * Harp * Percussion * Flute * Trumpet * Saxophone * Ukulele *

Children are accepted based on readiness beginning in kindergarten. Lessons are rooted in music fundamentals and tailored to the interests of each individual student. 

Students enrolled in our private lesson program are eligible to participate in regular recitals and Serenading Seniors performances at local senior living communities. 

String Ensemble is for advancing intermediate string players ready to begin ensemble work. Students will enhance their note recognition and sight reading, gain experience with conductors and learn to be a part of an ensemble rather than a soloist, all while learning new and exciting repertoire. For Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Harp. Participants should have proficient note reading skills. 

Collaborating with other musicians from the Chicago Youth Orchestra, students will have eligible to perform in a variety of opportunities around Chicago.

Group Guitar Class

Step into Piano is phase II in our early childhood music program. Ideally, children will have completed a year or two of Step the Beat prior to entering Step into Piano, but this is not required. With Step into Piano. we offer a group option for children to begin learning basic piano skills. Children will work with various tools to learn notes on the keyboard as well as the staff. They will practice using rhythm and begin learning to read music. Each class will have keyboard time where children work directly on the instrument. The benefit to this program is children learn basic piano skills in a more affordable (and often more fun) group setting. They emerge better prepared for private lessons in piano as well as other instruments.

Theater Club

Glee Club - Voice Ensemble

A drama program for our younger actors suited to their energy and imagination! In a games-based format, children will express themselves dramatically, using props and costumes. Activities are inspired from familiar contexts like fairy tales, picture books, and pop songs and from the children's own inventive play. They include miming, charades, team-building, improvisation, and more. Each session will culminate in a "talent show" of skits to which all are cordially invited.

Little Drummers

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Comprehensive School Enrichment Programs 

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If you are interested in customizing a program for your preschool or elementary school either as part of your curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity, please contact us for further discussion. 

Children will participate in weekly rehearsals led by professional voice instructors in the style of a Glee Club! Rehearsals will build skills in sight singing, vocal quality, performance-ship. Students will work on high energy, fun pieces like "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift and "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake and will arrange and choreograph a vocal performance. Each session will culminate in a final Glee Show Performance.​

Dramatic Debut

This class is the perfect experience for beginning guitarists who want to try the instrument in a group setting. They'll begin playing melodies, reading guitar chords, and learning basic strumming patterns to apply to some rockin pop tunes. 

Step the Beat Music Fundamentals

Step into Piano

String Ensemble - Chicago Youth Orchestra

Our unique group lesson designed for early childhood preschool music education. Through our combined teaching experience of more than 50 years, the instructors of Musical Chairs have created innovative introductory music lessons designed to build a strong music foundation prior to beginning private instrument instruction. Once these basic skills are mastered separate from the instrument, children can move into specific instruments with more confidence and significantly less frustration. Step the Beat students gain an early love for music through our interactive, fun and age appropriate approach. Our 4 areas of focus are:

* Note Reading   * Rhythm Essentials  *  Ear Training  *  Sight Reading

Students discover the essence of acting through building fundamental skill sets. We work to enhance concentration and sensory awareness, practice stage presence and line delivery, develop movement, choreography and vocal skills. Sessions will culminate in either a play or musical theater production with full music, costumes and set design.

Explore the drummer in every child as they learn to create and express themselves musically. Each week we will drum, sing, play rhythm instruments, and music-based games. Children will make up their own drumming patterns, develop listening skills while accompanying their favorite songs, and ultimately begin to take charge of leading others in music based activities.

Private Lessons

Musical Chairs Studio is a fully licensed, insured, and approved vendor for Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Archdiocese.  Staffed by professional degreed and experienced instructors, Musical Chairs has a wealth of resources to draw from in designing a program for your school. Our instructors go through a rigorous background review process including criminal background checks and finger printing. We will work directly with school staff to provide seamless implementation and coordination of enrichmen programs.  We encourage you to Contact Us! to learn how we can customize a program for your school's needs.