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Step into Piano

Step into Piano is phase II in our early childhood music program. Ideally, children will have completed a year or two of Step the Beat prior to entering Step into Piano, but this is not required. With Step into Piano. we offer a group option for children to begin learning basic piano skills. Children will work with various tools to learn notes on the keyboard as well as the staff. They will practice using rhythm and begin learning to read music. Each class will have keyboard time where children work directly on the instrument. The benefit to this program is children learn basic piano skills in a more affordable (and often more fun) group setting. They emerge better prepared for private lessons in piano as well as other instruments.

Step the Beat is rooted in the music philosophy of Hungarian Zolton Kodály.  Kodály's approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing and giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument. The base music material, which has proved to be the most potent and effective is a country's own folksong material and the finest art music. We use these folk songs to introduce concepts to children such as pitch, intervals, notes and rhythm. Our approach to music education is child centered and taught in a logical, sequential manner. There is no "method" per se, but rather more a series of guidelines. With each successive session of Step the Beat, concepts become complex and include additional layers of learning.

Once these basic skills are mastered separate from the instrument, children can move into specific instruments with more confidence and significantly less frustration. We have also developed our next level class, Step into Piano as an in-between option for students who have excelled at Step the Beat, but need a bit more time before moving to private lessons.

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If you are interested in customizing a program for your preschool or elementary school either as part of your curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity, please contact us for further discussion. 

We offer school music programs in Chicago!

Our preschool music programs in Chicago offer early childhood group classes - Step the Beat and Step into Piano - and are available to integrate into your school music curriculum or as part of after school programs. These programs offer an innovative approach to beginner piano lessons and group piano classes.  We also offer guitar lessons for kids. We encourage you to Contact Us! to learn how we can customize a program for your school's needs.

Step the Beat Music Fundamentals

Our unique group lesson designed for early childhood preschool music education. Through our combined teaching experience of more than 50 years, the instructors of Musical Chairs have created innovative introductory music lessons designed to build a strong music foundation prior to beginning private instrument instruction. Step the Beat students gain an early love for music through our interactive, fun and age appropriate approach. Our 4 areas of focus are:

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