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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio is moving to a virtual environment.  All lessons and classes are now available Virtually.  For info, inquire here or visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Pages

Summer Programs now available for registration. Virtual sessions will be offered should in person classes not be possible.  Visit us here

Music Therapy

Musical Chairs Studio is proud to offer Board Certified Music Therapists with expertise in aiding children with special needs.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the use of music and music-based interventions such as singing, instrument playing or movement to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship for children with special needs. Our trained specialists will work with children to achieve many non-musical goals such as improving gross motor skills as well as many other developmental areas including motor / physical, communication, social / emotional, cognitive / academic, and sensory.

Musical Chairs offers three levels of Music Therapy: 

Individual Music Therapy

Individual music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for the music therapist to work one-on-one with the client towards achieving specific, functional goals. Treatment goals will be determined by the music therapist after completion of an initial evaluation session.

In a music therapy session students may:

  • Sing songs: singing can be used to facilitate speech therapy goals and allow the client multiple opportunities to practice specific speech sounds. In addition songs can be used as a mnemonic device to help the client remember important information such as the days of the week, a phone number or address. Finally, social songs can be used to help to teach a client how to respond in various social situations.
  • Play instruments: playing instruments like drums with a mallet can help to facilitate grasping, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and full extension of the arms.
  • Write a song: songwriting may be used to facilitate self-expression and encourage communication.

Session times and dates are set individually after an initial free assessment. Cost is based on length of session and needs.

Music Therapy and

music lessons for children with special needs

Music Lessons for Children with Special Needs - This program is being updated

Computerized Music Composition and "Learn to be a DJ"

For children who are interested in computers and electronics, Musical Chairs offers lessons in Music Composition where students work with computer programs to create their own music, recognize and mix sounds and create CD's to take home and listen to.  We also have musical equipment that gives students the opportunity to DJ their own music and mix songs together.

Session times and dates are set individually.  Cost is based on length of sessions and needs.

Adapted Music Lessons

Musical Chairs offers adapted music lessons for all ages on guitar, piano and voice. In addition to acquiring the skills to play the instrument, the student will have the opportunity to work on increasing attention span, and improving the ability to follow directions. Adaptations can be made for a variety of functioning levels and may include the use of color-coded notation, simplified notation and visual aides. The primary objective for adaptive lessons is to learn music skills.  Different from Music Therapy, while the student will benefit in many ways from Adapted Lessons, the student is not receiving treatment for any specific goals related to their diagnosis.

Session times and dates are set individually following an initial free assessment. Cost is based on length of session and needs.


$200.00 per session.  
​Sessions can start whenever classes form.

Group Music Therapy

Our Group Music Therapy class is a music therapy early intervention group for 4-10 year old children with special needs. Group therapy classes can be offered for older children based on interest and availability. This weekly 30-minute class, taught by our Board Certified Music Therapist, will encourage and foster language, communication, social/emotional, motor and behavior aspects development through music. Groups will include specifically designed multi-sensory, musical interventions such movement through music, instrumental play, and singing to engage all aspects of learning while having a lot of fun!

Group Goals:

  • Increasing cooperation and appropriate social behavior
  • Provide avenues for communication
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Fine and Gross motor development
  • Development of leisure skills and play

Class times can be set with a minimum of 4 students. Parents are welcome to collaborate with other parents to build a group and set your own day / time. We'll provide the instructor and space.

Tuition: $200.00 per session. Sessions can start whenever classes form.