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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio has moved to a virtual environment.  

Visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Page for more info

 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is closely monitoring progress toward loosening of social distancing. We intend to continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. We will also offer in-person classes if and when it is deemed safe and follow state guidelines to keep all of our community healthy.

Tuition and Session Dates
Winter Session runs March 25th - May 27th 
No Classes on April 8th and 15th 

Tuition:  $195.00

Location: Musical Chairs Studio 2124 W Lawrence Avenue
Saturdays 2:30 - 3:00 pm

Our early childhood group classes - Step the Beat and Step into Piano - are held in our Lincoln Square studio space as well as part of after school programs at St. Matthias School. These classes are designed to build a strong music foundation in preparation for learning and instrument or even just to develop of love and appreciation for music.  

Location: Musical Chairs Studio 2124 W Lawrence Avenue
Saturdays 2:00 - 2:30 pm

​Our unique group lesson "pre-requisite" to private lessons. Through our combined teaching experience of more than 50 years, the instructors of Musical Chairs have created an innovative introductory music class designed to build a strong music foundation prior to beginning private instrument instruction.  Our 4 areas of focus are:

* Note Reading  * Rhythm Essentials  * Sight Reading * Ear Training

Once these basic skills are mastered separate from the instrument, children can move into specific instruments with more confidence and significantly less frustration. Step the Beat also works on building a strong practice routine which can be carried over into private lessons.

Early Childhood Group Classes

Tuition and Session Dates

Winter Session runs March 25th - May 27th. 

No Classes on April 8th and 15th 

Tuition:  $180.00

Step the Beat Music Fundamentals - Preschool Ages 3+

St. Matthias School

Music Enrichment classes

Location: St. Matthias School  - Convent   4910 N Claremont Avenue
Wednesdays  2:00 - 2:35

Location: St. Matthias School - Convent   4910 N Claremont Avenue
Wednesdays   2:00 - 2:30

Step into Piano is phase II in our early childhood music program. Ideally, children will have completed a year or two of Step the Beat prior to entering Step into Piano, but this is not required. With Step into Piano. we offer a group option for children to begin learning basic piano skills. Children will work with various tools to learn notes on the keyboard as well as the staff. They will practice using rhythm and begin learning to read music. Each class will have keyboard time where children work directly on the instrument. The benefit to this program is children learn basic piano skills in a more affordable (and often more fun) group setting. They emerge better prepared for private lessons in piano as well as other instruments.

Step into Piano - Kindergarten and 1st Grade