Join Ms. Downs this summer for Arts Camp! We'll be exploring different techniques and mediums including Acrylic Painting, Clay, Weaving, Watercolors, Embroidery and Spirography. There are two sessions of camp, 1st through 3rd grades and 4th through 6th grades. We will be Virtual unless social distancing allows in person meeting.  If in person is possible camp will take place at 2124 W. Lawrence Ave. 

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We are currently offering both Virtual and In-Person lessons.  Please visit registration pages for details.  

For details regarding our In-Person Studio Health and Safety Protocol, click here

 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is offering In-Person lesson resuming July 14th in a socially distanced environment.  We will continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. 

Instrument Rentals

  • Yom Kippur*
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Christmas Eve and Day
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Evanston Band and Orchestra
4819 N Main St. Skokie, IL                                            847.673.3812

  • New Year's Eve and Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day

Billing / Attendance Information and Policies:


Musical Chairs invoices on a 3 month basis. Students / families are welcome to pay by weekly or monthly installments if they wish. Payments for each month are due at the beginning of the month. The final payment for each session is due on the 1st day of the third billing month.


Instructors set aside a dedicated time for each student. When they do this, it means you are committed to the lessons both time and cost wise. To ensure reasonable progress for our students, we require that students regularly attend their lessons.

If you need to cancel a lesson, 24 hours notice is needed for the lesson to be eligible for a make up lesson. Your instructor will schedule this with you individually. If you opt to not have the make up lesson, you are still responsible for the cost of that lesson.

"No shows" and short notice cancellations are not eligible for make ups. However, we do understand when the infrequent last minute illness arises and will do our best to work with you.

Please note that many of our instructors have a wait list for students. It is not fair to the instructors to forego lesson fees from students who regularly cancel when other students are waiting and willing to commit to the entire semester. Musical Chairs prides itself in hiring the highest caliber of professional instructors. In order to maintain this level of instruction, we must provide teachers with predictable income. Our policy also serves to address this need.


Payment is accepted by credit card. We  keep an authorization on file for all students. Please return the Credit Authorization Form found below to the office at or have your teacher deliver it to us. 

Instrument Maintenance:

  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Rosh Hashana*


Musical Chairs Studio observes the following holidays.  Students will not be charged nor will they be expected to schedule a make up lesson for the holidays listed below:

A440 Violin Shop
2222 w Roscoe St
Chicago, IL. 60618

Client Resources

Piano Tuner
Carl Chadek  ​(773)531-2600

Stuart Thompson  (812)583-1013  

Mark Cappelli  (708)710-6652

*Please notify your instructor if you plan to miss lessons for either of these religious observances.
**Students are also encouraged to take one week of vacation during Spring Break and two weeks of vacation during the summer.

Studio Protocol for resuming In-Person lessons during the Covid19 Pandemic

As we move forward with offering in-person programming based on both instructor and student readiness, the following protocol has been established based on industry best practices, research, and state guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. Effective July 6, 2020, the following procedures must be adhered to by all parties.  Click here to review the complete In-Person Studio Protocol.

Dixon Strings
410 S Michigan Ave (also location on Ravenswood and Wilson)
Chicago, IL.   60605