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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio has moved to a virtual environment.  

Visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Page for more info

 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is closely monitoring progress toward loosening of social distancing. We intend to continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. We will also offer in-person classes if and when it is deemed safe and follow state guidelines to keep all of our community healthy.

Printable Activities

​Coming soon - please check back.​

At Home Resources

Listening Activity - Suggested Music for Active Listening

The following are teacher selected music appreciation links.  We encourage utilizing "active listening" skills such as identifying the instruments, keeping the beat by clapping or tapping, imagining what the music makes you think of, feel, and visualize. 

Saint Saens - The Carnival of Animals:

Intro and Royal March of the Lion


Hens and Roosters







Dear Parents, during the covid 19 quarantine, we are providing some resources and activities that your children may enjoy at home and bring them additional music enrichment.  We will update this on an ongoing basis. 

Activity Links

Classics for Kids - fun and interactive activities for music theory, games, music appreciation and more:  

Chrome Music Lab - interactive and creativity based online activities. 

Composition Activity- make your own digital music creations on a staff. 

Interactive Music Play List- lot's of fun and interactive music / sing a longs with a few classic's intermingled.