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During the current Corona Virus Crisis, Musical Chairs Studio has moved to a virtual environment.  

Visit our  Children's Classes and  Adults Page for more info

 Summer Programs  are available for registration. Musical Chairs is closely monitoring progress toward loosening of social distancing. We intend to continue offering virtual opportunities for any client who prefers them. We will also offer in-person classes if and when it is deemed safe and follow state guidelines to keep all of our community healthy.

Children: We will take children beginning at age three through our dynamic curriculum. Our Step the Beat early childhood program is an innovative group lesson approach to prepare children for studying an instrument. Children progress to their instrument of choice based on age and "readiness." Students have the option to participate in regular group recitals to sharpen performance skills and build their confidence in front of an audience. For children who have chosen a more serious track, we support opportunities to compete on a local and state level in numerous music competitions.

We require a commitment of parental involvement in practice between lessons. The student should have access to their selected instrument for regular practice or plan to visit our practice lab during the week.

Some students come to Musical Chairs for a comprehensive instrument education that will prepare them for entrance into a performing arts track in high school or a music major in college. They will find a team of dedicated and accomplished teachers prepared to guide them and support them through that process.

Others come to Musical Chairs seeking a creative, recreational activity for themselves or their children. They too, will find a team of instructors ready to dive in with them and share their own love of music.​

Adults: Perhaps you want lessons as a recreational activity or you learned as a child and want a "refresher." Maybe you want to provide more help for your children when they are practicing. Whatever your reason, we will design lessons to meet your skill level and goals. Adult students will have the opportunity to participate in occasional group master classes (complete with wine and cheese!) to share their progress with fellow students in a relaxed  environment.​

We look forward to making Music with you!

Located in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, Musical Chairs is a dynamic environment that provides constructive and encouraging music education. What began as one teacher and ten students has grown to twelve instructors and nearly 200 students in just two years. Students enjoy a home-grown, nurturing environment together with our holistic approach to music which includes private instruction, master classes, group lessons and exposure to many instruments.

We believe that “traditional” music education does not reflect the changing ways that students of the current and emerging generation learn and process information. Nor does it address how our students will use music-making skills in their lives. The instructors at Musical Chairs collaborated to make music instruction fresh, innovative, and responsive to student needs. We recognize that every student is different in his or her capacity to learn, as well as his or her goals for learning music. We strive to be sensitive to each student and tailor our approach to challenge each at his or her own pace and level.

We currently offer private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, drums, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone. We teach the classic fundamentals of theory and instrument technique, while choosing, in conjunction with the student, a progression of repertoire that is enjoyable and reinforces various target skills. We take a positive approach to music making with an overarching goal of inspiring students to love music and music making–not dread it!

Music Lessons in Lincoln Square

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